5 Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn

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toddler walking on grassIt’s unseasonably warm this December, which makes it hard to sit back and watch your lawn wilt and turn brown. Isn’t there something you can do? If you want a lush spring lawn, winter lawn care is a must. What’s on our winter landscape checklist?

Mow Wisely

Winter means dormant grass, which in turn means your lawn is more susceptible to injury and disease. Keep your yard looking great without weakening grass blades. Your final mow of the year should cut off no more than one-third of the grass blade.

Stick to the Plan

75 degree Christmases are a gift to Georgia gardeners, right? Only if you have a lot of self-control! Keep your lawn healthy this winter by staying away from lawn mowers, fertilizer, and edge trimmers.

Don’t Mow Wet Grass

Put a sticky note on your mower handle if you have to. Early spring means lots of showers, but mowing a wet lawn may damage roots, kill new grass, and leave some serious divots in your yard.

Keep off the Grass

In case we do get another Atlanta ice storm this year, remember: if you walk on frozen grass, you’ll damage the blades. Stick to the sidewalks instead.

Plan Ahead

If you’re done with winter landscape maintenance like lawn care and pruning trees and woody shrubs, it’s time to think ahead.

Is your thumb as brown as your grass? Simply Green helps homeowners and business owners cultivate healthy lawns. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and keep an eye on our blog for seasonal lawn care tips in Atlanta.

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