Fall is the Time to Act on those Weeds!

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Fall Leaves

The temperatures outside seem to be dropping further and further by the day. Leaves have covered the ground and plants are beginning to go dormant. As plants begin to grow more slowly, the weeds you’ve been battling all spring and summer are becoming more manageable as well. This makes Fall the perfect time of year to get on top of those out-of-control weeds that seem impossible to eradicate in the warmer months! 

As the weather cools, the nutrients a plant needs begins to draw down closer to its roots, and just as nutrients are being pulled to the roots, herbicides will be as well! This means that the weeds are being killed at the source and are less likely to come back in the spring and summer.

For you warm season turfs such as Bermuda and Zoysia applying a winter pre-emergence this time of year will help to prevent Poa-annua and other winter weeds. Get on top of the weeds now, and it wont prove to be as big of an issue later. For those Fescue lawns do not apply weed control until late November. Most herbicides will damage new Fescue seedlings. When the time comes uses a selective herbicide to target treat any broadleaf weeds you may have in your lawn. Be sure to read and follow the label!

If you want to effectively rid your turf of weeds, give Simply Green Lawn Care in Lilburn, GA a call! We know the importance of hitting those weeds now and can’t wait to give you a weed-free turf!

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