How to Protect Your Plants from Heat Stress

sunny flowersThe summer sun is no joke! Now that we’re in the peak summer months, the heat can do a real number on your landscaping in Atlanta, GA. Heat stress is a very real thing and can turn your verdant, green yard into a crispy brown wasteland in no time if not properly cared for. At Simply Green, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep your plants healthy and green no matter how hot it gets this summer.

Water Correctly

We all know plants need water to thrive and stay alive. But did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to water your plants, especially in the summer months when temperatures consistently reach the mid-90s or higher?

Watering your plants early in the morning before the temperatures start to climb is the way to go. It allows your plants to get the hydration they need to protect themselves. By mid-morning, it’s probably too late as a lot of water evaporates and plants are less able to consume the fluids once the heat sets in.

Add Mulch

Providing a thick bed of mulch at the base of your plants can help in a whole bunch of ways. First, it’ll help the soil retain moisture, keeping your plants cooler and better hydrated. Second, a lot of mulches will reflect light which also keeps the soil temperature down. And the best part is that you can use all kinds of stuff as mulch. Your grass clippings, old leaves, and other yard scraps can be made into a fantastic mulch – and it free!

Shade, Shade, Shade!

Some plants thrive in hot, direct summer sunlight. But most will need some form of shade. Consider how much shade is provided when you’re planting in the spring. Also, consider adding shade cloth if your flowers and small plants will be in direct light for more than 6-8 hours a day during the summer.

Want more advice on keeping your plants healthy and out of the heat this summer? Give us a call at Simply Green. We serve the entire Atlanta Metro area and are always happy to help our customers keep their yards look great.

The Art and Science of Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn may have once been the province of bored kids hoping to make a few bucks, but not anymore! If you want your yard to look really great, it’s time to approach mowing like any other great art.

First of all, you need the right tools, and they need to be in good shape. Your lawnmower blades should be sharp and the lawnmower should be in good working order. You’ll need sunscreen and bug spray for yourself, and long pants and good shoes to protect your legs and feet.

How much should you be mowing at one time? That depends on the type of grass you have. In general, cut more during peak growing season. For cool season grasses that means spring and fall; for warm season grasses, that means summer. For best results, never cut more than about a third of the height of the grass at one time. Mowing encourages growth, which requires water, so mow less if you find your area in a drought.

In general you’ll want to mow at least once every seven days. If you find yourself falling behind, don’t hack away too much of the grass height at once. Remember to still follow the “one third” rule, amd just mow more frequently until you catch up. Finally, remember to take care of yourself after you mow. Have a cool drink and a shower, take some allergy medicine if needed, and then enjoy your beautiful lawn!


Simply Green Lawn Care can handle the logistics of more complicated lawn care. Contact us to set up residential service today!

Summer Days Mean Summer Landscaping

There’s nothing better than spending long summer nights outside with friends and family, enjoying the warm weather and your beautiful yard. Make summertime even more pleasant by following these tips for summer lawn and landscape care.

First of all, make sure you’re watering the right way. Hot weather doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to use more water, but it does mean that you’ll need to adjust when you water. Hotter temperatures mean moisture evaporates quickly, before it has a chance to do your plants any good. Mitigate this and save on your bill by watering in the morning (before about 10:00) or evenings (after 6:00), when it’s cooler and the sun is less direct.

It’s better to give your lawn a deep watering a few times a week than dust it with moisture every day. Drip irrigation is your friend in the summer! In the event you wind up in a drought situation your lawn may go dormant and turn brown, but with proper care it should return to health if given enough water.

If you didn’t have your lawn aerated in the spring, contact Simply Green Lawn Care to get that done asap! Core aeration opens up the soil so that water, oxygen, and nutrients can more freely circulate. And don’t forget to mow your grass correctly. Make sure you’re not mowing wet grass and remove no more than about one third of grass height at a time.

Call Simply Green Lawn Care today to get your lawn looking its best so you can enjoy it all summer!

Great BBQs Start with Beautiful Backyards

Spring is finally here! It’s no surprise that May is National BBQ Month–we’re all excited to finally escape the tyranny of the indoors and spend time in our yards. And, of course, Memorial Day is May 28th! Before you start inviting friends over, let Simply Green Lawn Care help you beautify your outdoor space.

You wouldn’t have friends over without cleaning the bathroom first, would you? Whether you’re hosting a bbq, or just enjoying simpler time outside with your family, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is in good shape as well. Simply Green will take care of unsightly weeds and dangerous fire ants. We can also care for your trees and shrubs, which need extra tending as they wake up from their winter slumber. And of course you wouldn’t neglect your floors inside, so we’ll care for your grass outside! We offer aeration, fertilization, seeding, and more services when appropriate.

Don’t forget about pest control. The last thing any Georgia resident wants to see is those huge fire ant mounds in their yard. Simply Green Lawn Care offers a comprehensive, year-round fire ant control system to keep you, your family, your friends, and your pets safe from these pests.

Spring is already underway and summer is right around the corner, and that means spaces are filling up quickly, so don’t hesitate! Contact Simply Green today to schedule all the services you need to make your yard a beautiful and welcoming place to spend time for the spring, summer, and fall.

Why Your Lawn Needs Core Aeration Right Now

core aerateGeorgia is famous for its red clay. While most states have dirt, we Georgians have to deal with clay that challenges growth for our beautiful lawns. Clay makes it incredibly hard for oxygen, nutrients, and water to reach the roots.

Fortunately, Simply Green Lawn Care can help. We can aerate your lawn to breathe new life into your soil and help grass grow. Learn more about why core aeration is so important:

Core Aeration Service Details

Because Georgia clay and Georgia soil are so compact, we use a core aeration machine to “unplug” your lawn. These plugs of soil will be one to three inches deep and two to six inches apart. These holes allow for plants’ underground systems to truly breathe and stretch their roots. (Don’t worry – the holes don’t last forever. Your lawn will grow new shoots in its place.) You will see immense improvement six to eight weeks later.

Benefits of Core Aeration

The team at Simply Green Lawn Care has aerated hundreds of lawns, and the homeowners have seen an incredible transformation. When you allow us to aerate your lawn, the benefits are numerous. Here are a few to consider:

  • Firm soil will be loosened, allowing the roots to absorb water and nutrients
  • More oxygen will reach the soil which will stimulate root growth
  • Your lawn will be more tolerant to droughts and heat
  • Your lawn will look fuller once shoots fill in the core aeration holes

If you have a warm-season lawn, the best time to hire our team is right now. The best time to core aerate Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, or St. Augustine grasses is spring and early summer. Don’t let another year go by without being proud of your lawn. Contact us today to get started.

Celebrate Arbor Day with Our Annual Treatment Services

arbor dayEverything we love about spring falls into the beautiful month of April – National Lawn Care Month, Earth Day, and Arbor Day are just a few reasons to celebrate! But, you may not know the details of Arbor Day or its importance.

So, take a few minutes to discover its history and how you can celebrate:

The History of Arbor Day

Nearly 150 years ago, Julius Morton migrated to Nebraska with his wife. He was a lover of plants and nature but was disappointed that Nebraska was very bare. He petitioned to the local authorities that one day is set aside to plant trees. Julius knew his community could benefit from the shade, fuel, and building material that the trees offered. The authorities agreed and turned it into a contest! They challenged all of the communities around them to plant trees and other plants on one specific day. Through everyone’s efforts, over one million trees were planted on the first Arbor Day! Since then, Arbor Day has spread worldwide. In every corner of the world, citizens plant trees and celebrate nature on the last Friday of April each year.

How You Can Celebrate Arbor Day

On April 27th, you can celebrate Arbor Day by caring for the nature that is in your yard. Every season requires a different approach and treatment to ensure your plants thrive. When you choose Simply Green Lawn Care to care for your trees, shrubs, and other plants, we will give nature the boost it needs to flourish through the hot summer months. Or, if you don’t have trees and plants to care for, plant some today! Trees help their environment by cleaning the air, conserving energy, and providing shade.

Contact us today to request Simply Green Lawn Care service!

Celebrate National Lawn Care Month

April means so many things, not least of which is the return of spring weather–hopefully for good this time! In keeping with the spirit of spring, April is National Lawn Care Month and a perfect time to get a head start on caring for your lawn with appropriate services from Simply Green!

  • Fertilization. Plants are ready to grow! The right type of fertilizer will help them produce vibrant, healthy growth, and the experts at Simply Green know what the right types are.
  • Weed Control. This is especially important if you neglected your yard a little bit in the fall and winter. Spring produces an explosion of plant growth, and that means weeds as well as plants you actually want! If left unchecked, weeds can choke out beneficial plants.
  • Core Aeration. Your warm-season grasses like bahiagrass, bermudagrass and zoysiagrass will need to be aerated right now so they will be ready to accept water, oxygen, and nutrients. Cool season grasses had this treatment in the fall.

Residential landscaping isn’t just good for your home’s aesthetics. A healthy, beautiful lawn increases the time your family will spend outside and increases your quality of life. Residential lawns act to cool the environment (grass is up to 40 degrees cooler than asphalt, and 20 degrees cooler than bare dirt), cleanse the air, and can even prevent dangerous runoff into water sources if properly managed.

Contact Simply Green Lawn Care to schedule the services your lawn needs to be healthy and beautiful this spring, summer, and beyond!

These Are A Few of our Favorite Things…About Spring!

Spring is finally here! This is one of our favorite times of year at Simply Green Lawn Care, and we are so excited to get outdoors and celebrate. Why are we so excited that winter is finally over?

3. The flowers are blooming! Atlanta is sometimes called a “city in a forest” because of all the greenery, and it’s hard to deny that it’s absolutely beautiful in the spring. Whether wisteria draped over an awning, hydrangea bushes carefully cultivated in a yard, or wildflowers on the side of the road, we love all kinds of flowers. The pollen isn’t even as bad this year as it has been in the past (or at least it isn’t yet).

2. Birds and animals are coming back! Ducks and geese are returning to residential lakes and ponds, cardinals and brown thrashers are nesting in trees, and birdsong fills the air. Did you know that North Georgia, and even metro Atlanta, is a great place to go birdwatching?

And finally…

1. The sun is shining! The days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, but isn’t too hot yet. Since we work mostly outdoors, this is definitely our favorite part of the spring.

If you’re also excited about spring, don’t delay! It will be over before you know it. Call Simply Green Lawn Care–we have all the services you need to keep your lawn in great shape. Let us know how we can help you enjoy your outdoor space and the benefits of this beautiful season.

Observe World Water Day with Simply Green

It’s something we use every day of our lives, but we don’t often think that deeply about: our water. Where does it come from? Where does it go? We may not even think about how much of it we use until it’s time to pay the bill every month. That’s why March 22nd is World Water Day–a day to focus on one of the most precious resources we have on earth. At Simply Green Lawn Care we’re using this day to spread awareness of how to conserve water here at home. 

It can seem like conserving water and keeping a lush, beautiful lawn are at odds, but they don’t have to be. With the Simply Green water management system, you can have both! We use a revolutionary moisture manager called Hydretain, which essentially captures water vapor evaporating from the soil and turns it back into water that plants can use. It also helps soil more readily accept moisture. This system cuts your watering needs by up to half, minimizes the impact of drought on your soil, and reduces the chances of overwatering. It has even been shown to help improve nutrient uptake, so it can make your fertilizer more effective as well as your watering. It’s good for lawns, ornamental shrubs, and more!

Just like all the services we offer at Simply Green, we take pride in offering water management with Hydretain at competitive prices with convenient online billing options. Contact us today and get your lawn efficiently hydrated for World Water Day!

Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring?

Spring will be here before you know it! Have you been taking care of your lawn? Yard maintenance may fall by the wayside during the cold months, especially since most people are not spending much time outside. Take a look at this list of winter lawn care from Simply Green and see what you ought to be doing.

First of all, gather your tools. Did you loan your lawn mower to a neighbor, or borrow theirs? Time to return, unpack, find, and sort out all your lawn care gear. Once you’ve gathered everything, make sure it’s all in good working order. Sharpen your lawn mower blades, clean and oil everything, replace or fix what needs replacing or fixing, and put it all in an easily-accessible location that’s safe from kids.

Next, look at the state of your lawn. When was the last time you raked? Leaves, twigs, and general debris need to be removed before they mildew and encourage disease. Plus, your grass needs to be raked to prevent matting. If you’ve been neglecting this, now’s the time!

Check on your soil, both the compaction and the pH. If you have warm season turf, you should be scheduling core aeration with Simply Green. Your soil should be at a neutral pH; if not, call us and we’ll work on correcting that.

Following these steps will put you well on the way to a healthy, beautiful spring lawn, but don’t forget the final step: contact us to schedule your professional winter lawn care with Simply Green Lawn Care!