Is Your Landscape a Feast for Insects?

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You may not see the pests through the trees, but their damage can wreak havoc on your landscape. By the time insect infestations become apparent, the pests have already done significant damage to your property. Keep your landscape pest-free this summer with integrated pest management services from Simply Green Atlanta lawn care.

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Do you wish there were a green pest management solution in Atlanta? There is! Simply Green uses eco-friendly landscaping practices to keep your plants healthy and pest-free. How does integrated pest management work?

  • ladybug on leafWe examine your landscape and surrounding structures to identify which pests are present on your property
  • By identifying Georgia pests infesting your yard, we can strategize removal of insects that may damage your plants, landscape, home, or other structures
  • We manage your pest problem using green landscaping practices like habitat management, biological control (introducing new plants and beneficial insects that are the natural enemies of the pests present), introducing physical barriers, and utilizing non-toxic pesticides like TopChoice to eliminate insects in their nests
  • Our team integrates a long term pest control program to prevent infestations in the future

Because integrated pest management focuses primarily on prevention, it’s more effective than spraying chemicals. We use pesticides as a last resort, utilizing other methods to remove unwanted pests and make the landscape inhospitable to them so they won’t return. Our services minimize the risks to people, animals, and plants, giving homeowners natural pest removal that works.

Reclaim your landscape. Call Simply Green for eco-friendly pest control in Atlanta.

Don’t Get Stung By Fire Ant Infestations

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The moment summer arrives, fire ants start multiplying like red dirt tracked onto the carpet. And unlike many seasonal pests, fire ants can pack a painful sting if you get too close. Protect your family and pets this summer with Atlanta fire ant control courtesy of Simply Green Lawn Care.

Why Get Professional Fire Ant Control?

fire ant closeupWhen you see red mounds popping up across your yard, it’s tempting to head to the hardware store and empty a can of pesticide onto the ant hill. But if you fight the urge, you can get much more effective fire ant control. Professional lawn services have access to products that aren’t readily available to homeowners. At Simply Green we use Top Choice because of its proven long-lasting results when it comes to controlling fire ant populations. What are the benefits of Top Choice fire ant control?

  • It’s safe. Unlike many pest control chemicals, Top Choice is selectively toxic, meaning that when applied correctly, it affects pests and nothing else.
  • It controls secondary pests. In addition to targeting fire ants, this product helps control mole cricket, nuisance ant, flea, and tick populations.
  • Apply it anytime. Fire ants are easier to eliminate in the fall, when cooler temperatures drive them towards the surface. But what about summer infestations? When we apply Top Choice during the spring and summer months, it’s stored in the soil until ants wander near the surface due to cool weather or rainfall.
  • It lasts. When you schedule fire ant control with Simply Green, we use Top Choice to kill existing colonies and control the formation of new ones for up to a year.

Call Simply Green to take the sting out of your summer fire ant problem.

5 Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn

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toddler walking on grassIt’s unseasonably warm this December, which makes it hard to sit back and watch your lawn wilt and turn brown. Isn’t there something you can do? If you want a lush spring lawn, winter lawn care is a must. What’s on our winter landscape checklist?

Mow Wisely

Winter means dormant grass, which in turn means your lawn is more susceptible to injury and disease. Keep your yard looking great without weakening grass blades. Your final mow of the year should cut off no more than one-third of the grass blade.

Stick to the Plan

75 degree Christmases are a gift to Georgia gardeners, right? Only if you have a lot of self-control! Keep your lawn healthy this winter by staying away from lawn mowers, fertilizer, and edge trimmers.

Don’t Mow Wet Grass

Put a sticky note on your mower handle if you have to. Early spring means lots of showers, but mowing a wet lawn may damage roots, kill new grass, and leave some serious divots in your yard.

Keep off the Grass

In case we do get another Atlanta ice storm this year, remember: if you walk on frozen grass, you’ll damage the blades. Stick to the sidewalks instead.

Plan Ahead

If you’re done with winter landscape maintenance like lawn care and pruning trees and woody shrubs, it’s time to think ahead.

Is your thumb as brown as your grass? Simply Green helps homeowners and business owners cultivate healthy lawns. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and keep an eye on our blog for seasonal lawn care tips in Atlanta.