April Showers: Lawn Care Tips for Georgia’s Rainy Season

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Rain droplets on grassMarch, April, and June are rainy months, and if you don’t know how to deal with all that water it can wreak havoc on your lawn. While plenty of rain is certainly better than the alternative, you need to know how to keep your landscaping looking great no matter how much precipitation comes your way. Enter Simply Green. Our Atlanta lawn care company is passionate about keeping our customers’ lawns lush, green, and thriving, and we’re happy to share some of our best lawn care tips with you. 

Keep reading to learn how to keep your lawn healthy during heavy rain, and be sure to contact us for any of your residential lawn care needs. 

Rainy Season Lawn Care Tips

Rain, rain, go away! How to solve drainage problems.

No, yelling demands at the clouds isn’t going to help, but you do need some way for the water to leave your yard, rather than settling into low-lying areas and standing stagnant for hours or days on end. Allowing this standing water to persist can be very damaging, not only to your grass and other plants, but also because it invites mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love shallow, standing water as it makes a great place to lay their eggs. 

So, what can you do about a poorly draining yard? There are several options, but which one you choose depends on your unique situation. 

  • Install a drain. You might be surprised at how simple it is to install a french drain in your yard. While labor-intensive, it will make a world of difference in your enjoyment of your yard and the health of your grass, and if done properly, it should last from 30 to 40 years. 
  • Re-grade the yard. Grading involves creating a slope to direct water away from the foundation of your house and other areas, instead diverting it to a drain, gutter, or other area that can handle the excess water.
  • Create a dry creek bed. Dry creek beds are a practical and beautiful way to deal with excess water. There are tons of great ideas for DIY dry creek beds out there, and some are so attractive you’ll appreciate the visual appeal they add almost as much as the drainage!

Breathe easy with lawn aeration. 

Another cause of standing water in yards is soil compaction. Over time, rain, foot traffic, and gravity itself can cause the soil to get tamped down so tightly that it’s hard for water to enter the soil. Instead of penetrating the ground and filtering through soil and rock, it just flows (or sits) on the surface. The problem of soil compaction is even more prevalent around Atlanta, where it’s common to have very dense red clay soil.  The best course of action if you have either of these problems is to have your lawn aerated.
Lawn aeration is one of the services we provide here at Simply Green. The process removes plugs of soil, clearing the way for water to absorb into the soil, as well as allowing for more air flow. Core aeration literally helps your lawn breathe easier! 

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