Georgia’s Most (Un)Wanted: Common Lawn Weeds

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Common lawn weeds in GeorgiaIf you’ve worked hard to create a beautifully lush lawn, you know how frustrating it can be when weeds crop up. Read on to learn the most common lawn weeds in Georgia (and how to get rid of them) from our team at Simply Green Lawn Care

The Most Common Lawn Weeds in Georgia

  • Clover – Clover is pretty cute for a weed, but unfortunately it can wreak havoc on your lawn! This weed grows in patches that can take over your yard before you know it. Be careful not to contaminate your grass clippings with it, as this can allow the clover to spread.
  • Dandelions – Another contender for cutest weed, dandelions can nevertheless be an annoying lawn pest. Blowing the wispy seeds off a dandelion is a hallmark of childhood in Georgia, but unfortunately the same thing that makes them irresistible to kids also makes them adept at spreading throughout your lawn. 
  • Bluegrass – Bluegrass infestations are particularly insidious because the weed is perennial (meaning it grows at all times of the year) and the prominent seed structure of the weed means that it re-seeds itself. 
  • Yellow Nutsedge – At first, yellow nutsedge isn’t that noticeable in your lawn, appearing much like a grass. However, once it’s established, you’ll see that this weed grows unsightly yellow or brown seed heads. Yellow nutsedge is able to reproduce by seeds, creeping rhizomes, and tubers, making it a very effective invasive plant. 
  • Crab Grass –  No list of Georgia weeds is complete without crab grass. This lawn weed is ugly and tenacious, even managing to grow in cracks in your driveway or walkway, between bricks, and wherever else it can find footing. 

The best way to fight weeds is through expert weed control and fertilization. At Simply Green Lawn Care, we offer Atlanta lawn care services designed to prevent weeds through application of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. We also make sure your grass stays healthy (which is an important weed control element in its own right) by applying fertilizer, lime, etc. as needed throughout the year. Ready to weed out the invaders in your lawn? Schedule your Atlanta lawncare estimate with us today! 

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