How to Love Your Lawn

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Green grass in a heart shapeIt is February, and that means love is in the air! So why not give your Atlanta lawn a little extra love and care with these lawn maintenance tips?

  1. Let it breathe! Make sure your Atlanta lawn is designed in such a way so that your trees, shrubs, and other plants don’t choke out the light or restrict air flow to your lawn. If areas of your lawn are in constant shade, it might be time to prune shrubs and trees so that enough light gets to your grass. Without proper light and air flow, moisture can get trapped, leading to fungi and disease taking hold and damaging your grass.
  2. No really, it needs airflow! Without regular mowing, irrigation, and fertilization, your lawn is unlikely to thrive. Excess thatch restricts water infiltration and can create shallow roots. Shallow-rooted turf is more susceptible to diseases and damage from insects. Thatch accumulation can also lead to excess nitrogen. If your lawn feels spongy or soft, you probably have more than half an inch of thatch and this means your lawn will probably require dethatching.
  3. Finally, contact us! Our core aeration allows your lawn to breathe properly. We also offer fescue aeration and seeding, fire ant control services, and Hydretain to help with water infiltration. No matter if you’re looking for Atlanta commercial lawn care services or residential lawn care services, Simply Green Lawn Care is here to help.

Check out our specials and then call us at 770-923-0387 today to schedule your Atlanta lawn care.

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