Prevent Fire Ants in Your Yard

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Creating an Atlanta Lawn Care Plan with Fire Ant Prevention

Unfortunately, Georgia is the home of 3 different types of fire ants: Solenopsis invicta Buren (red imported fire ant), Solenopsis richteri Forel (black imported fire ant), and a hybrid species. All 3 species can cause a major disturbance in your yard and have painful stings that can trigger serious medical issues in their victims.

Regardless of the species, Simply Green can help you will all your Atlanta fire ant control needs!

fire ant preventionFire Ant Prevention and Treatment

At Simply Green, we utilize TopChoice Fire Ant Control to kill fire ants fast and to prevent their spread. TopChoice is a granular insecticide only available to pest control professionals.

With TopChoice, we can fight fire ants any time of year. Fire ants tend to be most active in moist, cool weather, but TopChoice works any time of year. During the dry seasons, its granules will physically help prevent the spread of ants (due to the difficulty of moving through the insecticide). When wet, TopChoice bonds to the soil itself. Then in rainy weather, ants will be brought to the surface where they’ll come in contact with the “warehoused” insecticide.

TopChoice is also long lasting, with the ability to prevent the establishment of new colonies for up to a year. It also works on mole crickets (4 months), nuisance ants (3 months), and ticks and fleas ( 1 month).

Make sure your home and business are protected from fire ants. Contact us at 770-923-0387 for all your Atlanta lawn care service needs, including fire ant prevention and treatment!

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