Caring for Your Atlanta Lawn in Freezing Temperatures

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Your Atlanta lawn is a living organism, and just like all living things, it goes through cycles. Low winter temperatures ranging down below freezing require a new lawn care routine. Check out some tips for Atlanta lawn care during the winter:

  • Don’t Mow – Don’t mow your lawn after the first frost. During freezing temperatures,  grass becomes dormant. Cutting dormant grass will traumatize and damage your lawn.
  • Mulch Early – Adding a thin layer of mulch before it’s too cold is a great way to help protect your lawn. The mulch helps to trap heat during the cold winter months.
  • Be gentle – Your lawn is extra delicate during periods of dormancy. Try to avoid walking on it, and be sure to have your kids, pets, and other members of the household walk on designated walkways whenever possible. Make sure your walkways are clear to help encourage traffic from not stepping on your lawn.
  • Check your drainage – The danger of snow and ice isn’t just freezing. Even after ice has melted, that moisture can stay behind and create waterlogged conditions that foster disease and pests.
  • Keep an eye out for invaders – Weeds are notoriously hardy. In many cases, weeds are hardier than your grass, so freezing conditions can allow opportunistic weeds to gain ground in your Atlanta lawn while your grass is unable to compete

Good luck with your winter lawn, and be sure to contact us at 770-923-0387 for all of your commercial and residential Atlanta lawn care services needs this spring. And don’t forget to check out our specials

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