Summer Days Mean Summer Landscaping

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There’s nothing better than spending long summer nights outside with friends and family, enjoying the warm weather and your beautiful yard. Make summertime even more pleasant by following these tips for summer lawn and landscape care.

First of all, make sure you’re watering the right way. Hot weather doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to use more water, but it does mean that you’ll need to adjust when you water. Hotter temperatures mean moisture evaporates quickly, before it has a chance to do your plants any good. Mitigate this and save on your bill by watering in the morning (before about 10:00) or evenings (after 6:00), when it’s cooler and the sun is less direct.

It’s better to give your lawn a deep watering a few times a week than dust it with moisture every day. Drip irrigation is your friend in the summer! In the event you wind up in a drought situation your lawn may go dormant and turn brown, but with proper care it should return to health if given enough water.

If you didn’t have your lawn aerated in the spring, contact Simply Green Lawn Care to get that done asap! Core aeration opens up the soil so that water, oxygen, and nutrients can more freely circulate. And don’t forget to mow your grass correctly. Make sure you’re not mowing wet grass and remove no more than about one third of grass height at a time.

Call Simply Green Lawn Care today to get your lawn looking its best so you can enjoy it all summer!

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