Celebrate Arbor Day with Our Annual Treatment Services

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arbor dayEverything we love about spring falls into the beautiful month of April – National Lawn Care Month, Earth Day, and Arbor Day are just a few reasons to celebrate! But, you may not know the details of Arbor Day or its importance.

So, take a few minutes to discover its history and how you can celebrate:

The History of Arbor Day

Nearly 150 years ago, Julius Morton migrated to Nebraska with his wife. He was a lover of plants and nature but was disappointed that Nebraska was very bare. He petitioned to the local authorities that one day is set aside to plant trees. Julius knew his community could benefit from the shade, fuel, and building material that the trees offered. The authorities agreed and turned it into a contest! They challenged all of the communities around them to plant trees and other plants on one specific day. Through everyone’s efforts, over one million trees were planted on the first Arbor Day! Since then, Arbor Day has spread worldwide. In every corner of the world, citizens plant trees and celebrate nature on the last Friday of April each year.

How You Can Celebrate Arbor Day

On April 27th, you can celebrate Arbor Day by caring for the nature that is in your yard. Every season requires a different approach and treatment to ensure your plants thrive. When you choose Simply Green Lawn Care to care for your trees, shrubs, and other plants, we will give nature the boost it needs to flourish through the hot summer months. Or, if you don’t have trees and plants to care for, plant some today! Trees help their environment by cleaning the air, conserving energy, and providing shade.

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