Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring?

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Spring will be here before you know it! Have you been taking care of your lawn? Yard maintenance may fall by the wayside during the cold months, especially since most people are not spending much time outside. Take a look at this list of winter lawn care from Simply Green and see what you ought to be doing.

First of all, gather your tools. Did you loan your lawn mower to a neighbor, or borrow theirs? Time to return, unpack, find, and sort out all your lawn care gear. Once you’ve gathered everything, make sure it’s all in good working order. Sharpen your lawn mower blades, clean and oil everything, replace or fix what needs replacing or fixing, and put it all in an easily-accessible location that’s safe from kids.

Next, look at the state of your lawn. When was the last time you raked? Leaves, twigs, and general debris need to be removed before they mildew and encourage disease. Plus, your grass needs to be raked to prevent matting. If you’ve been neglecting this, now’s the time!

Check on your soil, both the compaction and the pH. If you have warm season turf, you should be scheduling core aeration with Simply Green. Your soil should be at a neutral pH; if not, call us and we’ll work on correcting that.

Following these steps will put you well on the way to a healthy, beautiful spring lawn, but don’t forget the final step: contact us to schedule your professional winter lawn care with Simply Green Lawn Care!

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