Late Winter Lawn Care from Simply Green

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It’s still winter time, but there are already things we’re doing at Simply Green Lawn Care to ensure all our customers have healthy, beautiful lawns when spring rolls around. Here are the services we’re performing this month and next! Are your lawn and shrubs in need of these?lawn mower snow

First of all, let’s look at your lawn. Both your warm season turf, such as Bermuda and Zoysia grasses, and your cool season turf, such as tall fescue, need a lot of similar care right now. All your grass needs pre-emergents to prevent crabgrass and other spring/summer annual weeds, post-emergents to address any existing winter weeds in the lawn, and potassium fertilizer to promote winter hardiness. Your cool season turf will also need a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to promote green growth.

Don’t forget about ornamental trees and shrubs! Right now we’re focused mostly on roots, where most growth happens during the winter. Simply Green is working on deep root feeding with a custom slow-release balanced fertilizer for spring growth and season-long feeding, plus an organic biostimulant with micronutrients for healthy roots and top growth. To keep your trees and shrubs free of insects, we’re offering a systemic insecticide root drench which is absorbed by the roots of the plants. On top of that, we offer a soil wetting agent to help all these products be well and truly absorbed by the plant’s roots.

The key to a beautiful landscape in the spring is good preparation now. Call Simply Green to take advantage of our winter services!

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