Beat The Summer Heat

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The extreme summer heat can be brutal. It can kill your lawn if you’re not careful. Luckily for you, Simply Green Lawn Care is here to offer you some advice: don’t let the weather control your lawn’s future. Grab hold of the future and make your lawn as green and healthy as ever.

Green, Hydrated Grass

Green, Hydrated Grass

Cut At The Right Height

Cutting your lawn at the right height is crucial to it staying healthy. Here is why: if you cut your grass too low, you are exposing the roots of the blades of grass. When you do this they are exposed to the extreme heat of the sun. Instead, cut off only the top third of your grass. You can adjust your lawn mower blade to mow at the right height. This will keep your grass from looking too long, without damaging the health of your lawn.

Water Correctly

Watering your lawn can be tricky. This is the key to keeping your yard healthy. The most important consideration is the time of day that you are watering. Many people say that watering during the hottest part of the day kills your grass. That isn’t strictly true. What really happens when you water on a hot day is that the water evaporates a lot quicker. This leaves your grass dehydrated. Water in the early morning hours before the sun heats up. This allows the water time to soak deep into the root system. By the time the sun heats up, the water will have already reached the roots. From there the sun will serve its important role in the growth of your grass.

There are many more tips to having a healthy lawn. Call Simply Green lawn care for a free estimate. We’ll tell you exactly what is needed to keep your lawn healthy this summer.

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