Buckle up, Spring is here and it’s time to spray

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grassSpring is finally here and that means that it’s time to access your plants and fertilize them. Due to the lack of cold this winter, unfortunately, we are anticipating lots of harmful insects this season, so at Simply Green Lawn Care Plus, we’re applying a custom slow release fertilizer and systemic insecticide.

Using Integrated pest management (IPM), we inspect your plants for potential damaging insects and disease. We only treat plants that require treatment which minimize use. Don’t wait until the last minute to have your plants treated. Give us a call for your free estimate today!

What is IPM?

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is defined as a process used to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. This method can be used to manage all kinds of pests anywhere—in urban, agricultural, and wildland or natural areas.

What’s a custom slow release fertilizer?

Slow release fertilizers include products in which the nutrients contained within the product are either slowly soluble, slowly released, or held in a natural organic form (which require mineralization and nitrification in the soil).

What’s so great about systemic insecticide?

When systemic pesticides are applied to the soil, beneficial insects, birds and even pets and people are much less likely to encounter the pesticide in the form of residues or spray drift.
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