What Mulch is Right for Your Yard?

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It can be a difficult decision to decide on what accent pieces to include in your yard’s landscape. A Mulchlush and green lawn can be complimented well by additions such as a nice bird bath, bushes or trees. But one great looking and easy piece of landscape design that looks good on any yard is mulch. Placed around a bed of flowers or a beautiful tree, mulch can really help make something stand out. Selecting the right kind of mulch isn’t always easy, however. Simply Green Lawn Care, located in Lilburn, GA, is here to help! Find out which type of mulch is right for your yard today.

  • Pine Straw – This option is probably the easiest to come by, here, in Georgia. It looks like a very natural addition to any lawn and doesn’t easily come apart during a storm. Put this mulch around plants that prefer a more acidic soil as it is naturally acidic.
  • Pine Bark – Also easy to find like pine straw, pine bark takes little experience to make it look tidy. This mulch lays down easy, and forms around plants really well. Unlike pine straw though, pine bark can be washed away by storms more easily and requires more attention to stay neat.
  • Rubber – Looking for a mulch that outlasts its competitors? Rubber mulch might be the way to go! Once rubber mulch is put down, little upkeep and replacement is needed. This mulch’s downside is that it doesn’t provide nutrients to the plants it surrounds, however.

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