It’s Time to Plant the Seeds of Good Health

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Whether it affects us, a friend, or a family member, most of us are acquainted diabetes on a personal level. Diabetes currently affects more than 29 million Americans, and its list of potential ailments is lengthy.gardening Though the illness presents its fair share of issues, it can be managed when the proper care and attention are observed. One of the most effective methods for keeping blood sugar levels in check is regular exercise. Simply Green Lawn Care, located in Lilburn, GA, is reflecting on the illness this month by presenting one of the best physical activities to combating diabetes… gardening. Discover why playing in the dirt might be one of the best means of managing diabetes.

  • ExerciseGardening is a great cardiovascular workout! Exercise being one of the key factors to managing diabetes, this is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Healthy Foods – A healthy diet is another big contributor to managing blood sugar levels, and with a garden in your backyard, it’s easier to stick to a diet!
  • Stress Relief – There is nothing much more relaxing than digging into a pile of dirt and tending to your garden. A garden is a great place to experience a little bit of calm and quit from a hectic schedule.
  • Vitamin D – Recent studies have shown a link between type 2 diabetes and a vitamin D deficiency, so people suffering from diabetes can really benefit from the sun’s rays. Get outside, and soak op the sun!

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