Summer Lawn Care DON’TS

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In the past few weeks we have gone from warm days and cool nights, to scorching days and warm Rays of Sunnights. This overexposure of heat to can be devastating to your grass’ health, and unless you can block the sun’s rays, there isn’t much you can do about the heat’s damage to your lawn! A lush carpet of green is easy to attain as long as you avoid a few common stresses on your lawn, like lack of water and improper mowing. Unfortunately we can’t fix the heat (we wish we could!), but Simply Green Lawn Care can do something about the other threats to your lawn’s wellbeing. Here are several tips on what NOT to do when caring for a lawn this summer!

  • Cutting With a Dull Blade- If your lawn mower’s blade isn’t sharp, you’ll end up with torn or bruised shoots. This can lead to your lawn turning gray and then brown, leaving it defenseless against disease and pests. You should regularly sharpen your lawn mower’s blades about twice per season. If your lawn mower appears to be dragging or flattening the grass instead of swiftly cutting it, your blades may be due for a sharpening! Learn how to sharpen a lawn mower blade here!
  • Bagging Lawn Clippings – If you are mowing at the correct height every 7 days, you do not need to catch your grass clippings. Clippings contain beneficial nutrients and may contribute as much as 2 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.
  • Mowing In One Direction – Changing your mowing direction each time you mow is healthy for your lawn! This ensures a more even cut and grass blades will be less likely to develop into a set pattern.
  • Trim Turf Too Short – Leaving grass longer helps it process light and water while developing a healthy root system, which in turn leads to a fuller, more appealing lawn.
  • Lack of Water – If water is not finding its way to your lawn naturally, bring the water yourself! This is the time of year to start deep root watering, but how do you accomplish that? Lawns need an inch of water a week. Saturate all of the grass at once and it will run off; deliver too little and it will never reach the roots. Give grass a third of an inch of water three times a week in the morning.
  • Not Calling Simply Green Lawn Care! – To ensure your lawn is in its best condition for all your outdoor summer activities, call us at 770-923-0387 and check out our seasonal specials!

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