Keep Your Lawn Looking its Best this May

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Spring is in full swing here in Georgia. The end of May is quickly approaching and the weather has healthy grass been beautiful for the past couple of weeks! We are approaching the hot, summer months, and to experience the lushest turf possible in the days to come, it is crucial to prepare your lawn now. Not all lawns are created equal, however. It is important to know what tasks to perform, and when, for each type. Simply Green Lawn Care in Lilburn, Ga, has a few turf tips to follow this spring for greener lawn later!

Bermuda, Zoysia Lawn Program

  • Late Spring: Controlled release fertilization to bring your lawn out of dormancy. Spot weed control.
  • Summer: Controlled release fertilization to continue to keep your lawn Green. Spot weed control.

Fescue Lawn Program

  • Late Spring: Light feeding with controlled release products to help prepare your Fescue for summer. Spot treat any existing weeds if needed.
  • Summer: Bio-Stimulant with a micro-package to help your Fescue turf survive the hot summer. Spot treat any existing weeds if needed.

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