Is Your Lawn Care Equipment Ready for Winter?

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One week it feels like the beginning of spring and the next it’s COLD. It feels like winter is finally herelawn mower snow and there is no sign that it is going anywhere anytime soon. This time of year there isn’t much need for most of our lawn care and landscaping equipment. Now that we are putting these tools away until the growing season arrives again, there are a few steps everyone should follow to ensure everything is in working order come spring. Simply Green Lawn Care, located near Atlanta, GA, has a few things for you to pay attention to before letting your equipment hibernate for the season!

Equipment with Blades 

Does your lawn care equipment have blades? Make sure to remove any debris from the blade, sharpen it, remove any burrs using a 300-grit sandpaper and then cover it a thin layer of oil before storing them for the winter. This will help prevent corrosion, and when you need it in the spring, it’s ready for you!

Gasoline-Powered Equipment

When storing equipment that has gasoline, it is important that we take extra care when putting these away for the season. When gasoline sits in your engine’s system for an extended period, the fuel ages, causing a residue to stick to fuel jets. Come spring, when the gas begins to grow again, your equipment may not start.

To avoid this, be sure to drain the tank before storing it. It is also imperative that we change the oil, remove soil and debris and remove rust and re-paint those areas.

Equipment with Spraying Features

For this type of equipment it is important to clean the nozzles before its non-use during the dormant months.

To do this fill the tank one quarter full with a mild dishwashing solution and spray out and then drain upside-down. Once it’s dry, put a few drops of oil in the pump cylinder and work it a few times to protect it over the winter. You can also store nozzles and tips in kerosene or diesel to prevent corrosion.


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