Spook Your Neighbors With These Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, and it seems that everywhere you turn an air of eeriness fills the atmosphere. This time of year is celebrated by many Americans through creative costumes, spooky movies and an insatiable sweet tooth. Halloween isn’t just seen in the aisle of a grocery store though, many homes are adorned with ghouls and goblins, Jack-o’-lanterns and fog as a fun participation in the festivities. If you are one of the many that celebrate this fun holiday, here are a couple ideas from Simply Green Lawn Care to show your holiday spirit in your landscape!

  • Jack-o’- Lanterns – A yards Halloween decorations are not complete without a carved pumpkin! Carve the traditional triangle eyes with a zigzag smile, or get a little more artistic with a crazy design.
  • Spider Webs – Scary at any time of year, adding some false spider webs to your bushes can help give your house that spooky haunted look!
  • Tombstones – Adding a few fake tombstones to your yard can give it the appearance of a creepy old cemetery. After all, what is halloween without the chance of a few ghosts floating around??
  • Wood Cut Outs of your Favorite Characters –  Who’s your favorite horror character? Cut outs of these spooky individuals can be found everywhere this time of year. From Dracula to Frankenstein, and Wolf Man to a Zombie from your graveyard. Pick your favorites!

Theses are just a few ideas to get you started! Have fun with it, and do whatever you think is the spookiest. Happy Halloween!

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