Forecast of Georgia’s Fickle Weather

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Simply Green wants to wish you a happy first day of spring! This time of year conjures up images of blooming flowers,spring break and some of the first barbecues of the year. But spring of 2015 has started off on a brisk and rainy note. If you have lived in Georgia for any extended period of time, you know that the weather here can be pretty fickle. Today may have called for hot chocolate, but tomorrow may be iced lemonade. So, just what can we expect for the first weeks of spring this year?

According to the 2015 Farmer’s Almanac:

  • Today (March 20): Cloudy, with a brisk 48 degrees in the morning. Temperatures will rise to 70 degrees by 4 pm.
  • Saturday (March 21): Sunny, with a low of 54 degrees, and a high of 73 degrees.
  • Sunday (March 22): Rainy, with a low of 52 degrees, and a high of 59 degrees.
  • March 23-31: We can expect the weather to cool down a bit, with a few warm days and some rainy periods.


  • Overview: The average temperature will be 66 degrees (3 degrees above avg.). Precipitation will be around 2.5″ (0.5″ below avg.)
  • April 1-4: It is expected to be sunny and nice out for the first days of April.
  • April 5-9: Expect these days to be rainy, and then nice and sunny.
  • April 10-21: This block of days will bring with it a few thunderstorms and warm temperatures.
  • April 22-25: It will be sunny and warm for these days.
  • April 26-30: It will start out rainy, then sunny and will cool down around the 29th and 30th.


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