Pre-Emergent Now, And Prevent Weeds Later

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You may not see them now, but those weeds you try to avoid are looming in the distance. Just when you thought crab grass was a thing of the past, it will rear its ugly head in the spring and summer. Pre-emergent is essential to preventing these eyesores. It stops the weeds from growing before it spreads. We are gearing up at Simply Green Lawn Care for these pesky annual weeds. How does it all work though? 

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Pre-emergent facts:

  • The herbicide enters the plant through the root, and works its way from the outside-in to prevent the weed from growing successfully.
  • It will not kill established plants. This is the beauty of pre-emergent, while it infiltrates crab grass before it starts growing, it will not kill your lawn.
  • Timing is key when using pre-emergent. If the annual weed has already established itself, pre-emergent will not help. It is key to hit the weed before it has a chance to grow. Now, in late January and early February is a perfect time to begin with treatments.
  • If it is mid to late spring, and the weeds have had time to grow, post-emergent will need to be used. This process is a little more difficult especially if the weeds have spread throughout your lawn. Post-emergent is a non-selective herbicide, unlike pre-emergent, which is selective. Non-selective means that it will kill all established plants instead of just the weed, and should be used more cautiously.

If you have any questions regarding pre-emergent or would like a treatment for your lawn, please contact us!

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