Fall/Winter Gardening Tips

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With chilly months ahead and dropping temperature already beginning, we need to start thinking about how to get our lawn and garden prepped and ready for the fall and winter months. The team here at Simply Green Lawn Care has put together a few great tips to get you ahead on your landscape. 

Don’t Forget To Water

Even though it’s chilly outside, make sure your plants and trees are getting plenty of water. Their roots need the hydration!

Clear Debris From Your Yard

Out with the old and in with the new. Make sure all the dead and old plants on your yard are pruned and thrown away. This will also prevent diseases from plants to transfer if they died due to that reason.

Early Fall Planting

Planting early before it get’s chilly gives new plants enough time to get their roots established so when winter comes they won’t be affected.

Stir Up Your Soil

Hoping to have a full garden next year? Do your prep work now!

Lower the Height on Your Lawn Mower

Don’t be fooled when your husband tells you he is mowing just as much as the summer. Grass grows slower in the fall/winter but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be maintained.

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