Is Your Lawn Ready for Halloween?

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ID-100106904Halloween is tomorrow! Can you believe it? We know it can be enjoyed by children and adults but as a homeowner are you ready for all the kids running through your yard for candy? We have created a Halloween yard tip guide to help you prep your yard for all those trick or treaters. This will be not only safer for the kids but safe for your lawn.

1. Light Up Your Lawn

If it’s light up pumpkins, outdoor lights or something fun to mix up illuminating your property, it will help children navigate an unfamiliar yard.

2. Clear A Trick or Treat Walking Path

With the falling of leaves, rough driveways or the dark night, it can be hard for kids and families to navigate the path to your door so try to make it easier by clearing a path.

3. Be Cautious

We know outdoor projects can take time to complete but make sure any nails, workspace materials or left over clippings are moved out of harms way. The last thing you would want is a “real bloodly” costume coming to your door.

5. Halloween is FUN!

After making sure all the “danger zone” hazardous materials are moved away, make your yard fun with the spookiest, scariest and most creative decorations!

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