Watering & Mowing

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This season it’s all about watering and mowing to keep a green and healthy lawn. We know that a nice and green lawn is super important to you and it’s just as important to us. In today’s post, we are discussing two of the most important pieces of having a successful lawn – Watering and Mowing! With hot summer and a potentially cool fall and winter making sure you are watering correctly for the season is essential. In addition, the way you mow, frequency of mowing and height can all affect the success of your lawn.


Simply Green’s water management program, using Hydretain, reduces your outdoor watering up to 50% and improves the health and vigor of your lawn.


Don’t forget that mowing is an art! You may love mowing your lawn, you may dread mowing your lawn, or you may have someone else mow your lawn. In any case, there is an art and a science to a healthy lawn.

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