Summer Lawn Care Tips

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The rain your turf has endured has finally subsided a bit here in Atlanta.  The past couple of months you were thrilled that we saw regularly scheduled weekend showers to water your lawn but now it’s high and intense heat.  The heat is here just in time to host your summer get-togethers.  Now that the rain has subsided, is your lawn ready to withstand the little league team parties, sack races and barbeques?

Maintaining the lawn is an ongoing process. Summer turf care in Atlanta certainly requires us to have patience. Now that temperatures will be into the 90’s routinely, the color may fade and it will take longer for the turf to recover from lawn games and traffic.

Keep these simple Turf Tips in mind for your Atlanta lawn:

  • Water early and water deeply (about 1 inch).  If you water later in the day a small amount, most of the water will just evaporate.  DIY TIP: repurpose a clean tuna can as a water gauge while you’re watering.  When you have an inch of water in it, you’ve watered adequately.
  • Raise your mower blade.  Taller grass is more heat and drought tolerant.
  • Resist the urge to fertilize during these high temperatures. You might burn your lawn.
  • Consider stepping stones for high traffic areas.
  • Mulch an area for use as a designated pet area. It should reduce those familiar brown spots.

Following these Turf Tips can save you time and money- keeping you in the green. If you have any questions or need any advice on summer lawn care – contact us today at 770-923-0387, or click here to request a FREE estimate. Be sure to leave a review with us on Yelp and follow along on Facebook and Twitter!


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