How to Combat a Weed Infested Lawn

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aerationAre weeds marring your otherwise beautiful lawn this summer? Simply Green Lawn Care can help. Our turf care experts manage unsightly weeds with several techniques and high quality products.

  • Post-emergents: These products control existing weeds and may be used as spot treatment during the summer months.
  • Pre-emergents:  Pre-emergents prevent weeds from appearing in your lawn. These products are typically applied in the spring, fall, and winter and are not a recommended treatment during summertime.
  • Fertilizer: By encouraging a healthy, lush lawn, fertilizer stifles weeds and other unwanted growth. The summer months are the ideal time for controlled release fertilization.
  • Core Aeration: As with fertilization, aeration encourages a healthy lawn. By removing small soil cores from your lawn, aeration allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to flow deep to the roots of the turf. Your lawn’s subsequent growth will discourage weeds from attempting to budge in.

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