June #Turftips

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This June is looking to be hot, humid with scattered rain. This means your grass and weeds are growing! In today’s post, we have put together a few summer lawn care chores as well as a few types of lawn disease to keep an eye out for this season.

Summer #turftips

Bermuda, Zoysia Lawn: Controlled release fertilization to continue to keep your lawn Green. Spot weed control.

Fescue Lawn: Bio-Stimulant with a micro-package to help your Fescue turf survive the hot summer. Spot treat any existing weeds if needed.

Turf Disease Spotlight

Brown Patch

Brown Patch Fungus: Lawns can be quickly affected by brown patch fungus and a gorgeous green lush lawn can turn brown very quickly. Symptoms are brown to gray multiple patches in circular patterns, leaf lesions with tan centers and dark brown to black margins. If you think your lawn is being affected by this fungus, call the Simply Green team and we can attack the problem.

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