May #TurfTips

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Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.29.07 PMThis May, make sure you are getting your lawn out of dormancy and getting it green and lush for the summer. You might need to do spot weed control on bermuda and zoysia lawns. If you have fescue, you will potentially have to treat your lawn with a spot treatment but make sure fertilize and consult the Simply Green team on how to prepare for the summer heat!

Below we have included the type of grass you might be challenged with and how to handle it:

Bermuda, Zoysia Lawn Program

Late Spring: Controlled release fertilization to bring your lawn out of dormancy. Spot weed control.

Summer: Controlled release fertilization to continue to keep your lawn Green. Spot weed control.

Fescue Lawn Program

Late Spring: Light feeding with controlled release products to help prepare your Fescue for summer. Spot treat any existing weeds if needed.

Summer: Bio-Stimulant with a micro-package to help your Fescue turf survive the hot summer. Spot treat any existing weeds if needed.

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