Ambrosia Beetles on the Attack

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Ambrosia Beetle Attack

This spring/summer, keep an eye out for Ambrosia Beetles who are attacking the trunks of young and weekended trees and shrubs. This beetle can be deadly to a tree and shrub as they carry disease that can cause infection through the plant. The growth of their deadly fungi can weaken the tree or shrub to fall or kill it all together.

According to Will Hudson, UGA Extension Entomologist, the way to tell if an Ambrosia Beetle is attacking your tree/shrub is, “they push sawdust out through their entry hole. This sawdust can cling together forming short ‘toothpicks’ sticking from the infested stem. These toothpicks make it easy to identify ambrosia beetle attacks.”

How to get rid of them?

Our team at Simply Green Lawncare is here to help you tackle this pest. Contact us today and we can help you figure out what you need!

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