March Tip: Time To Start Scalping Your Lawn

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Happy Spring! With warmer weather on the horizon and sun shining through our windows, we are excited about spring! Today’s tip of the month, start scalping your lawn. Not sure what scalping your lawn entails? Scalping your lawn is the removal of dormant and dry turf. If you start scalping your lawn now it will help prevent weed problems during the coming months and get your grass growing greener and faster.

Before you begin scalping, make sure that all frost is gone and that you are working with warm season grass – Bermuda or Zoysia. Do not scalp cool season grasses – fescue or bluegrass. Once you assess your lawn, you can get started now as it’s the best time to begin getting your lawn in shape. To begin, make sure your mower blades are at the shortest setting. Depending on your mower and lawn, mowing more than once might be needed.

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