Ground Bees Are Back!

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Ground bee holes IMG_00000394 Ground bee lawn damage IMG_00000395

With Spring upon us and the Summer on the horizon, our lawns and gardens are getting buggy! We have many customers ask us about ground bees, also knows as solitary bees, which nest in the ground of lawns and gardens. Ground Bees create small mounds of excavated soil with a nest opening. With multiple nests it creates a “city-like” community. Damage to lawns and turf is usually minimal and control is often sought because the bees are perceived as a danger or annoyance.

As a recommendation from our team, we say ground bees are friends more than foes! Unless you are having a severe issue with ground bees we say leave them alone because they pollinate plants which help your lawn! If you feel they are becoming more of a pain we can treat the lawn with an insecticide which usually takes two treatments to control the bees. Call us if you need us to come out and help you!

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