Feeding Our Feathered Friends!

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With winter storms hitting Atlanta, snow brings chilly days and even colder nights and as you stay cozy in your homes our feathered friends are busy working hard to find food and water. Many birds have to change their eating habits due to shorter supply of assessable insects. Many start eating berries or other forms of wild fruits and veggies that they find. You will start seeing birds flocking together to help find food and to protect.

So what can we all do to help our feathered friends you ask? Here are a few ideas for feed options for your feeders and yards.

  • Suet attracts birds that cling to vertical surfaces: nuthatches, titmice, chickadees and woodpeckers.
  • Thistle seed is a favorite of finches. Use a tube feeder with small holes to dispense the seed.
  • Coles* Blue Ribbon, Special Blend, Hot Meats and Blazing Hot are also favorites.

Inexpensive bird food mixes often contain wheat, millet and hemp seed. These are not bird favorites and the birds will simply pick through what they don’t want while looking for the food they desire.  The Family Tree Premium Bird Feed and Coles* Bird Feed are good options and don’t have any additives that aren’t healthy for the birds!

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