Winterize Your Faucets

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GS37923MO_2027Tis’ the season for freezing weather! It’s been a record low here in Atlanta, GA and if you haven’t already, make sure to winterize your irrigation and outside faucets to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. How to get started? Today’s post will help you breeze through the process!

Plan ahead! Instead of waiting for the next winter storm to arrive, plan ahead and start winterizing  your outside faucets. Pipes usually doesn’t burst where the pipe freezes but at the location of the highest water pressure. Protecting your pipes can prevent this! Dealing with bursting pipes can get costly if they burst in the exterior wall of a home and can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the walls, floors, ceiling and even furniture.

Make sure to inspect all water faucets to double check that they have been disconnected and drained. Use spray foam to insulate and openings around the hose to prevent the cold air. To winterize irrigation pipes in the ground, make sure you remove all water from your sprinklers and hoses. In addition, make sure to shut off all water supply to the lines. If your irrigation system requires a “blow out” method for winterization, contact an irrigation systems specialist, as you could easily damage your lines and sprinkler heads.

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