Test Your Dirt, Your Winter Lawn Project!

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soil-testingDue to the chilly weather conditions, there isn’t much to do this time of year related to your landscape other than test your soil. This is a great time to test your soils pH and monitor nutrients in the soil. Soil testing is a very important part of growing healthy lush green lawn. Soil testing is the only way to determine the available nutrients in your soil, your soil pH and your soils cation exchange capacity (CEC).

By testing your soil now, we can customized you lawn care program to meet the needs of your lawn. In some cases, if your pH is very acidic (pH below 5.8) we can apply additional limestone to help raise the pH or if you have low phosphorus (P) or low potassium (K) we can apply additional P or K depending on your soil analysis results. Soil testing takes the guess work out of growing lush green lawns! More on soil testing here.

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