Winterize your lawn equipment!

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ID-1006626As we enter into the chilly holiday months ahead, it’s time to start getting your lawn equipment back into the shed, garage or indoor space for safe keeping. Safe keeping means protecting your equipment so it’s usable next spring! Your lawn equipment will benefit from some TLC before they hibernate for the winter months ahead. Here are a few tips to get you going on cleaning and prepping your equipment. Get started now and you will be thankful you did when everything works perfect next spring!

  1. Drain oil from all of your equipment. When any tool or machine that uses oil is not being used for a long time, it can cause the oil to get sludgy which will make the engine not work as well as it should, or at all.
  2. Replace broken, old or missing parts. Make sure your equipment is in tip top shape before storing it away for the season.
  3. Check your fuel filters, you will most likely have to replace them. Having a dirty fuel filter will only make your equipment harder to maintain in the future.
  4. Get rid of the dirt and rust. Cleaning up your mower is so important before you store it. The amount of dirt, grass, etc that get’s in and around it can ruin your equipment if not properly cleaned before storing.

Hope these helpful tips will get you started on storing your equipment this winter!

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