Tips For Your Lawn This November!

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aeratorTake advantage of the autumn air and get out in your lawn and spruce it up! In today’s post we have included some wonderful tips from the Simply Green team for you to take advantage of this time and get out and improve your lawn! If it’s a fresh mowing, fertilizing or just need to control those unwanted weeds, we have a few hints to get you moving!

1. Get the rake or blower out of the shed it’s fall! With leaves falling as the seasons change, make sure to remove all leaves from your lawn as it blocks the sunlight from reaching the grass. If you have new tall fescue seedlings best to use a leaf blower instead of a rake. A rake can pull the fescue seedlings out of the  ground.

2. Make sure to mow but remember to use the “1/3 rule”. You can mow in the cold weather as long as the grass isn’t wet or has frost.  If your fescue needs mowing and seedlings have been up for 3 weeks mow fescue at 3”-3.5” be sure your lawn mower blade is sharp. For warm season turf this is not the time to lower your mower height. Allow your warm season turf to go dormant a little taller than your normal mowing height.

3. Keep your equipment in order. Storing your lawn mower, tools, gardening equipment, etc for the winter months ahead can be a task. Make sure that you drain the mower of gas or add a gas fuel stabilizer like Sta-Bil (follow the instructions on the label)  and clean all the equipment to save you time and money come spring.

4. Great time to apply dormant oil also known as horticulture oil  to your ornamental trees and shrubs. Horticulture oil suffocates or penetrates the outside cuticle of the pest.  Helps control aphids, scales and a host of other plant eating insects. Best to apply when temperatures are between 40-70 degrees F. and no forecasted  freezing temperatures for the next 3-4 days.  Do not spray on your new pansies!. Read and follow the label.

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