Tips on How to Plan your Landscape this October

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With October in full swing and the Georgia fall weather making us unsure about the season, it’s the best time to make sure that your landscape is prepared and planned for the cold months ahead. We have put together a few key planning points to check off your to-do list:

Winterize your roses: When cold weather heads your way, you need to have your roses protected! Mound the roses with mulch and it will help them survive through winter.

Mulch Your Leaves: Many believe that fallen leaves will insulate your lawn during the winter, but this could actually do more harm than good! Leaves will block vital sunlight and thin your grass making it harder to re-grow in spring. Our suggestion, remove leaves from your lawn and your planting beds weekly.

Start Planting!  Late fall is the perfect time to start planting spring- blooming bulbs (daffodil, crocus, hyacinth, tulip, etc.). With soil still warm from summer, it’s perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. Planting in the fall will allow strong roots to develop and allow your plants to become established before our hot summer arrives.

Finished all the hard work and want a little fun? Get crafty and carve a pumpkin! When you are finished, don’t throw everything away, plant the seeds and have your own garden of pumpkins for next season!

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