Service Spotlight: Fescue Aeration & Seeding

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Simply Green fescue aeration and seedingToday on the blog, Simply Green is talking to you about one of our special service spotlights:  Fescue Aeration & Seeding. With the hot Georgia summer weather thinning out most Fescue lawns in Atlanta, it’s time to start getting your lawn in shape this fall. Fall is the best time for core aeration and over-seeding your Fescue lawn. Getting starting ahead of the season will help with new growth and a better and stronger looking lawn. Start thinking about your 2014 lawn by fall over-seeding NOW! By starting your Fescue aeration and seeding now, it will allow oxygen to get to the roots, reduce soil compaction, improve overall fescue turf density and help your lawn recover from the hot summer.

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