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Simply Green’s water management program, using Hydretain, reduces your outdoor watering up to 50%, saves you money on your water bill, and improves the health and vigor of your lawn. See all the facts:

Q. Where can you use Hydretain?

A. Hydretain is effective on all types of ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and turf grass, as well as food producing agriculture. Hydretain is beneficial for containerized and field grown plants from seed germination or propagation to transplant establishment and throughout the growing life cycle.

Q. Will Hydretain hold too much water if we get heavy rainfall?

A. Hydretain has little moisture holding capacity. Its function is soil moisture management and functions by converting otherwise unavailable soil humidity available to plant roots.

Q. Will Hydretain wash through the soil if we get heavy rainfall?

A. Hydretain may wash through the soil if heavy rainfall follows closely after application before Hydretain has time to attach to plant roots. Hydretain is usually drawn up against roots within the first one-to-two required waterings after application.

Q. Is Hydretain a replacement for fertilizer?

A. No Hydretain is not a plant food ingredient and is not a replacement for fertilizer. However, Hydretain’s soil moisture management function has been shown to improve nutrient uptake, thereby amplifying fertilizer applications.

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