The Art of Mowing

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Are you struggling with a lawn that has turned brown within days? Are you worried you might have a fungus or insects? The solution might be something much simpler – how you are mowing! There is truly an art to mowing your lawn. When Simply Green assess our clients lawn we ask a few questions, “When was the last time you mowed your lawn and how often do you mow your lawn?” Most people will mow their lawn every 14-15 days and see an entire lawn turn brown a few days after they move, if done incorrectly. The most common reason for lawns to turn brown or lose their color is because of improper mowing which can be frequency of mowing, improper mowing height and dull mower blades. Key points to remember: Cut, not tear, rule of thirds, change directions and height matters. (see image below)

If mowing isn’t the issue, your lawn could be effected moisture, disease or insects. However normally these issues are localized to parts of the lawn not the entire lawn. The exception would be a drought or heat wave. In addition, this season we have seen disease in Zoysia turf which includes Large Patch Fungus and Rust fungus which usually affects section of the lawn not the entire lawn.

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