Preventing Crabgrass

crab grassIt is that time of year again, spring! Our green-thumbed friends are busy restoring their gardens and lawns from the winter damage, but soon, crabgrass will be an issue. Between mid-summer and early fall, plants produce thousands of seeds. When the first frost comes, it kills the plants, and those seeds will remain dormant through the winter. When the ground temperature warms up, the seeds begin to grow. This is what causes crabgrass to rapidly grow during the warm summer months. The Simply Green Lawn Care Plus team has put together a short guide to help you prevent crabgrass from spreading, below. Check it out!

  • Mow your lawn often to keep the grass a fairly consistent length.
  • Crabgrass requires plenty of light to germinate, so keep the grass as thick and long as possible to create shade near the soil surface.
  • Cut no more than one-third of the grass blade at one time when mowing.
  • For established lawns, water frequently for long periods of time.
  • Watering on an irregular schedule and only when needed promotes deeper root growth that is essential to healthy turfgrass.
  • Fertilize your grass at least once a year, following the package instructions.

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Buckle up, Spring is here and it’s time to spray

grassSpring is finally here and that means that it’s time to access your plants and fertilize them. Due to the lack of cold this winter, unfortunately, we are anticipating lots of harmful insects this season, so at Simply Green Lawn Care Plus, we’re applying a custom slow release fertilizer and systemic insecticide.

Using Integrated pest management (IPM), we inspect your plants for potential damaging insects and disease. We only treat plants that require treatment which minimize use. Don’t wait until the last minute to have your plants treated. Give us a call for your free estimate today!

What is IPM?

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is defined as a process used to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. This method can be used to manage all kinds of pests anywhere—in urban, agricultural, and wildland or natural areas.

What’s a custom slow release fertilizer?

Slow release fertilizers include products in which the nutrients contained within the product are either slowly soluble, slowly released, or held in a natural organic form (which require mineralization and nitrification in the soil).

What’s so great about systemic insecticide?

When systemic pesticides are applied to the soil, beneficial insects, birds and even pets and people are much less likely to encounter the pesticide in the form of residues or spray drift.
For more information about our services at Simply Green Lawn Care Plus, visit our website or give us a call at 770-923-0387. Are you a current Simply Green Lawn Care Plus customer? Rate and share your experience with us in the review section of our Facebook page today. We always enjoy hearing from you!

Horticultural oil and your lawn


Spring is near and as the plants come out of winter hibernation so do the bugs. It’s time to adjust your winter lawn care routine and prepare for the warmer days. Horticultural oil, also known as dormant oil because it is used during the season of inactivity, can eliminate a range of pests at this very sensitive stage of plant development.

How does horticultural oil help you keep your garden healthy?

Cold weather is the best time to use pesticides based on oils because these substances might affect the plant adversely in heat. Lighter versions of products are created for summer months. However, the ideal conditions for this type of treatment to be most effective are cool air and young plants. Dormant oils work by suffocating the insects and their eggs. The pests which can be removed in this manner include mites, spider mites, aphids, leafhoppers, mealybug, caterpillar eggs, whiteflies and others. Remember to always strictly follow label instructions, as pesticides might also kill good bugs which are needed to help pollination.

Gentle transition from winter lawn care to early spring treatment

Trees and shrubs need to be treated proactively while considering the impact of weather changes. Having an annual schedule of various chemical treatments is a way to make sure your care routine follows the natural yearly cycle of plant life. In early spring Aeration of soil is necessary for grass to develop. Cut grass as soon as it becomes strong enough to be mown safely. Keep the blades lower to remove the leftovers and dead leaves. Water well and fertilize after the first cut. Applying pre-emergent can stop weeds from affecting the growth of new grass and keep the lawn looking nice and green for the months to come.

How to Test Soil pH


Plant food and fertilizers are all made with their ingredients mixed in accurate proportions. However, the ground is not chemically inert and substances within it mix with the fertilizer and alter the composition of nutrients. This is why soil testing should be an essential part of your winter lawn care.

Ph level – the most important parameter to measure

The best Ph level for lawns is slightly acidic 5.8-6.5, just under the neutral 7. If it becomes too alkaline the absorption of iron, zinc, and manganese is affected, which may lead to iron chlorosis and other problems. If it is too acidic, these and other elements may be absorbed in excessive quantities and become toxic to the plant. Acid affects the transmutation of the main nutrient nitrogen into a form available to the root system, meaning a lot of fertilizer applied would be wasted.

Soil testing with or without equipment

There are multiple ways to test the Ph at home. You can dig a small hole in the ground, fill it with distilled water, and test with a commercial probe. If you don’t have probing equipment you can use vinegar and baking soda. Add vinegar to a sample. If it fizzles it is alkaline. If not, add water and baking soda to a new and clean soil sample. If the mixture fizzles now, it is acidic.

Professional assistance

An affordable and accurate solution is to have a sample tested by a professional who can help you with various aspects of winter lawn care. Simply Green provides analysis which also shows the levels of minerals important for maintaining correct chemical balance in the ground to ensure that your plants receive proper nutrition.

Tips For A Better Lawn This Winter!

Winter lawn care is essential for a healthy, gorgeous lawn in the warmer months. So how can you keep your lawn healthy this winter? Preparation is key. Winterizing your lawn will involve much more than just the grass. Thinking a few steps ahead with winter lawn care will help get you better prepared for the upcoming spring and summer with fewer problems.

simply green atlanta winter lawn tips
Taking Care of Your Lawn Equipment

Of course, you want to make sure all of your equipment is ready for winter storage. With proper care, your equipment will be ready to go when spring arrives. Remove debris from any blades, sharpen and apply a thin layer of oil to prevent corrosion. Drain fuel tanks, change the oil and take care of any rusted spots.

Don’t forget about your sprinkler system. Frozen pipes can be devastating to your system. In general, it’s a good idea to check a frost line map. This will determine if you are in an area where the ground will get cold enough for the buried pipes to freeze. If you are unsure, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In order to prevent the pipes in your sprinkler system from bursting, and your valves and fittings from freezing, you’ll want to remove the water from the entire system.

Keep Off the Grass

Winter lawn care is essential to a luscious and gorgeous lawn in warmer weather. During the colder months, your lawn is more sensitive to diseases and even injury. Don’t be tempted to pull out the edge trimmers or mower during the winter. This can damage the blades, root systems, and new growth.

Simply Green can help you get the lawn of your dreams, regardless of what color your thumb is. Contact us today for more information or get a free estimate! Check out more on our blog about your winter lawn equipment,

New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners

If you’re a gardener, and you’re thinking of making a few New Year’s resolutions, why not make a few that apply to your favorite hobby? Resolving to make 2017 your lawn’s most beautiful year ever is easy to accomplish if you follow these simple tips!

simply green gardening care
Don’t over mow: In the winter, the grass is very susceptible to damage and disease. Your grass is dormant in the winter, which means it really doesn’t grow very much. So, when it looks like you shouldn’t mow, don’t! Keep the lawn healthy by giving it a break: Don’t mow, fertilize or edge.

Don’t mow wet grass, either: When spring thaws, we get a lot of rain. Make sure to allow the lawn to dry before you mow it. If you mow a wet lawn, you can damage its roots and even kill new grass. You could leave some ruts in your lawn, too, which never looks good. So, don’t get too excited when you see the green grass after the rains. Just let it dry.

Don’t walk on frozen grass: If you get a winter storm, stay off the grass. When the blades freeze, you can damage them by walking on them and they’ll break. Stay on your sidewalk if you need to head outside.

Think ahead: Plan your winter landscape maintenance in the fall and prune your trees and your shrubs before it gets too cold.

If you find that you’ve forgotten to perform fall maintenance tasks or if you find your lawn turning brown, contact a professional! Simply Green can help assist you in your New Year’s lawn resolutions. Read more on our blog for tips for a healthy winter lawn, or check full list of our services as we head into the New Year!

5 Tips for a Healthy Winter Lawn

toddler walking on grassIt’s unseasonably warm this December, which makes it hard to sit back and watch your lawn wilt and turn brown. Isn’t there something you can do? If you want a lush spring lawn, winter lawn care is a must. What’s on our winter landscape checklist?

Mow Wisely

Winter means dormant grass, which in turn means your lawn is more susceptible to injury and disease. Keep your yard looking great without weakening grass blades. Your final mow of the year should cut off no more than one-third of the grass blade.

Stick to the Plan

75 degree Christmases are a gift to Georgia gardeners, right? Only if you have a lot of self-control! Keep your lawn healthy this winter by staying away from lawn mowers, fertilizer, and edge trimmers.

Don’t Mow Wet Grass

Put a sticky note on your mower handle if you have to. Early spring means lots of showers, but mowing a wet lawn may damage roots, kill new grass, and leave some serious divots in your yard.

Keep off the Grass

In case we do get another Atlanta ice storm this year, remember: if you walk on frozen grass, you’ll damage the blades. Stick to the sidewalks instead.

Plan Ahead

If you’re done with winter landscape maintenance like lawn care and pruning trees and woody shrubs, it’s time to think ahead.

Is your thumb as brown as your grass? Simply Green helps homeowners and business owners cultivate healthy lawns. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and keep an eye on our blog for seasonal lawn care tips in Atlanta.

Gift Ideas for the Green Thumb on Your Gift List

Give the gift of a green thumb this holiday season!

When it comes to giving a gift, there are times when you may feel like you do not have any fresh and different ideas. You do not want to always give the same thing or give something that is really similar to what you have given to someone before. There are a lot of things that are new within a year that you could give, but it is always nice and refreshing to have a gift that no one else would really think of. It is always nice to be able to see the look on someone’s face when they have received a great gift they were not really expecting. Simply Green is here with some amazing gifts that you should explore and consider giving a gardener the next time you have the opportunity to do so.

When you think of someone that loves to be in the garden you want to be able to give them a great gift that you know they will use, that would be great for them to have and that they will be able to admire for a long time. There are some amazing things that gardeners would love to get that some may not initially think about.

• Deep-seat garden kneeler
• GSC potting bench
• 2’ x 8’ elevated cedar planter box
• Deluxe pyramid composter
• Gardener’s tool tote
• Potting cupboard
• Kneeling pad
• Gardener’s lifetime cultivator

There are so many great gift’s that you can give a gardener that you know they will be able to put to good use. Most gardeners will receive “general” gifts that are the normal gifts that most people get. So if you know someone that has a green thumb and loves being in the garden these are some great ideas for you to give them.

Thanks to Our Customers

To our customers,

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already upon us? The scents of the season that already seem to be fillingThank you the air signal families from across the country to reunite once again. In the spirit of the holiday, we will gather tomorrow to fill our plates, exchange laughs across the table and participate in reflection of what truly makes us thankful.

When we, as a company, reflect back on our 12 plus years of service to our community there is one aspect of it that we are grateful for each year above all else. The support of our customers never ceases to humble us, because without it, we would not exist. Your patronage and trust is invaluable to us, and this holiday season we want to express our deepest and sincerest gratitude.

We hope you all enjoy a great Thanksgiving holiday this year, and wish the best to you and your family!

The Simply Green Lawn Care family

Is Your Lawn and Landscape Prepared for Winter?

The temperatures outside are indicating that we are creeping closer and closer to the winter months! It’s frost on grass important this time of year to ensure that as we grow ever-closer to the dormant months, that our lawns are prepared. Simply Green Lawn Care has been in the business for a long time, and we have seen many instances of the consequences of ignoring cold weather landscaping preparations. Here is what you should be paying attention to this year to keep your lawn and landscape protected and healthy!

Trees and Shrubs

Give your yard a walk through and assess any issues that you might find. This means checking for damaged or dying trees and weak branches. Tackle these issues now so it won’t be a headache later with icy weather.

Landscaping Preparations

  • Help prevent desiccation and water your lawn before the cold weather arrives.
  • Adjust your watering and mowing schedule for the dormant season.
  • Have you recently planted a tree or shrub? Wrap them up to protect it from the elements.
  • Protect plants and trees with exposed roots by adding a layer of mulch at the base

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