A Lawn Care Program Makes All the Difference

green grass

A lush, green yard free from weeds and full of blooming flowers is every homeowner’s dream. Having a great yard isn’t as easy as it looks, though. Unless you’re truly dedicated to meticulously grooming, mowing, weeding, and tending to your yard, chances are you’re going to have some trouble keeping your outdoor greenery in tip-top shape.

At Simply Green, we have a solution for your Atlanta property. Our lawn care programs can give you the yard of your dreams, and you don’t have to lift a finger! Our crews are hardworking, knowledgeable professionals who know how to keep the weeds away and the grass greener. Here are some of the benefits that come with starting a lawn care program for your home:

  • A Better Looking Lawn – Hiring the professionals from Simply Green means we bring our years of expertise to every lawn. We know how to make your hedges, flowers, and grass thrive. We also specialize in making weeds disappear.
  • Money Savings – Hiring a lawn care specialist like Simply Green can actually save you money in the long run. The cost of keeping your lawn healthy pales in comparison to re-sodding or getting all new landscaping because your plants and grass have died.
  • Save Time for More Important Things – When you have a lawn care program for your yard, it means you’ll have more time to spend hanging out with your family and doing the things you love to do.

Curious to know more about how we can help? Give us a call today for more information. We’re here to help your yard meet its full potential!

Mulching and Composting Your Leaves

You already know you can’t leave fallen leaves on your lawn in the fall lest they mold or suffocate your grass, but what can you do with them once you’ve raked them into those picturesque piles? Of course, your first step is to jump into the piles, with or without kids, then rake them up again. After that a lot of folks turn to burning, but why not make your leaves work for you? Turn your leaves into mulch or compost this fall. autumn leaves

Composting leaves has several steps, but is quite effective–pound for pound, shade tree leaves have more nutrients than most other forms of compost. Remember, you’ll make this process much easier on yourself if you shred your leaves before you try to compost them. Run a mulching lawn mower over them and you’ll be set. Just like chewing your food makes it easier to digest, this breaks down leaves to encourage the decomposition process.

At this point you have mulch. If you’d like you use your leaves as mulch, you’re all set to do that! Remember to keep them in a designated bin just for mulch and discourage further decomposition. If you’d rather have compost, add extra nitrogen (manure is a good source of this, but not the only one) and turn the heap every three days. You should have compost in a little over two weeks.

Leaves are one of the major parts of fall–we love the changing colors, but they can be a lot of work. Don’t forget that Simply Green Lawn Care Plus is here to be your partner in lawn care in metro Atlanta. If you can’t handle your lawn, we can!

DIY Halloween Lawn Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner! Have you got your decorations up yet? If not, don’t panic–there’s plenty of inspiration right in your home. Why not turn your lawn into a spooky graveyardHalloween

All you really need for this DIY Halloween decoration are fake gravestones. If you run out of time, these gravestones can be purchased at most stores with a Halloween decoration aisle. Otherwise, make your own! You can carve them out of styrofoam for a rain-resistant decoration, or paint cardboard if you’re sure the weather will hold fair (remember that morning dew will also damage cardboard). Do you or your kids remember playing Oregon Trail? Have your family create funny epitaphs for themselves and each other.

Once you’ve finished with the basics, why not spice things up? Nothing says “Halloween” like the dead rising from their graves. Fake hands, arms, or even full zombie torsos will be a terrifying but fun addition. You can paint mannequin parts for this, or make body part casts of your own. If zombies are too scary or don’t fit into your plan, add some ghosts instead! Shape chicken wire and cheesecloth into these beautiful, frightening decorations. Just make sure that you wear gloves so that the chicken wire doesn’t cut your fingers.

Since an overgrown graveyard is spookier than a well-tended one, it’s ok to let your yard maintenance go a little bit before Halloween. But when you’re ready to clean up again after, call Simply Green Lawn Care Plus for the best lawn care services in the Metro Atlanta area!

Lawn Care Tips for Autumn

Fall is here! That means beautiful leaves, cooling weather, fun Halloween events, and fall lawn care. That’s right–fall is a great time to start preparing your lawn for the coming year. With the right tactics now, you’ll be looking at a gorgeous yard come the spring. Check out these fall lawn care tips from Simply Green Lawn Care in metro Atlantalawn care

  • Rake! Always rake up leaves! Left unchecked, leaves will pile up into a wet, moldy mess, breeding fungus and disease and suffocating your grass. Rather than burning leaves, which can aggravate asthma and other respiratory issues, consider alternatives.
  • Mow and Water as Usual. You may want to gradually lower the blade setting as the season progresses, but in general you should continue to mow and water as needed through the fall.
  • Aerate. Make it easier for water, nutrients, and sunlight to penetrate the soil with core aeration services from Simply Green.
  • Fertilize. If you’re only going to fertilize once, fall is the time to do it. Your grass’ roots will continue to grow in the winter, while the leaves will slow down, and so the roots will reap most of the benefits of fertilizing now, leading to a strong root system.
  • Deal with Weeds. Check out our recent blog post on weed control, and don’t let weeds grow like crazy all winter!

With a little attention before the weather cools down, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful, lush lawn when it warms up again. Call Simply Green Lawn Care for all your metro Atlanta lawn care needs!

Georgia Drought Restrictions Lifted!

Good news, lawn lovers: effective September 7th, drought water restrictions have been lifted in Georgia! Metro Atlanta counties have been moved to Drought Level 1; the rest of the state is in Pre-Drought Level.

Under Drought Level 1, outdoor water use is allowed year round only between the hours of 4 p.m. and 10 a.m. This includes residents of Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Habersham, Hall, Lumpkin, Paulding, and White Counties. If you’re in a Level 1 area, remember that alternate water sources like private wells, private bodies of water, and rainwater collection containers can be used to water at any time. You can also water gardens where you grow food at any time of day. See the flyer below for more information.

If you live in the rest of the state, water away! Just don’t forget the stipulations of the Water Stewardship Act of 2010, which allows all types of outdoor water use except landscape watering, which may only be done only before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. Of course, the morning and evening are the most efficient times to water anyway, since evaporation is faster during the warmest part of the day. Not only that, but it’s safer to be outside in the morning and evening as well! Fall may have officially begun, but the Georgia sun is still pretty intense.

The time to start preparing your lawn for next year is now, and fortunately, these water usage restrictions have lifted just in time for the fall season of aeration, overseeding, and planting. Call Simply Green Lawn Care Plus to discuss the services you need and schedule an appointment to keep your lawn healthy, green, and full! 

Georgia drought restrictions

Helping Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

As a local small business, we know how important community is. Whether it’s close by in Atlanta, or the broader community we all share as Americans, we all have to look out for one another. Now that the storm is over along the Texas Gulf Coast, the damage left in Harvey’s wake has become clearer and more devastating than we could have imagined.

During times like these, when fellow Americans have lost their homes, possessions and much of what they hold dear, we turn our attention away from lawn care and landscaping at Simply Green in order to help. For those in need after a natural disaster, even the smallest contribution can help.

If you would like to contribute to our neighbors in Texas and help overcome the effects of Hurricane Harvey, every donation will help.

Check out these organizations that are making a huge impact during the Harvey relief effort and spare what you can!

These are just a few great organizations that ensure your donation will go directly to the people who need it most. By acting quickly and in solidarity, we can all help to turn this tragedy into a story of humanity and brotherhood in times of need. For more information about how you can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, feel free to give Simply Green a call.

Fescue FAQ

Fescue grass is a great choice for a lawn–it’s low maintenance and will save you time and money on lawncare. It even works in the Georgia climate, though the hot summers can really do a number on your lawn. But how do you care for fescue lawns? At Simply Green Lawn Care we’re the experts on Atlanta-area lawn care, and we’ve put together a quick primer on fescue care.

  • Brown Spots in your lawn are usually caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonilawn carea. Simply Green lawn care can help treat and prevent this and other common problems.
  • Core Aeration and Reseeding. Now is the time to plant your lawn for next year! Services start back up in September. You’ll want to start preparing for aeration and reseeding three to four days in advance. Cut your lawn short–about 1.5 inches–and then water it every day until you are able to easily insert your finger about one inch into the soil.
  • Be Gentle! Since your grass will be young and tender in the fall, be gentle with it. Don’t step on it much or mow it for the first three weeks, and water twice a day. After that you can mow your lawn, but use the highest setting and be especially careful when turning the mower. 

Remember, fall is the time to plant your fescue lawn for next year, since it doesn’t regerminate on its own. The longer nights and cooler temperatures coming up are a great time to rejuvenate your existing lawn. Get in touch with Simply Green Lawn Care now to schedule your fescue services, and keep your lawn looking great all year long.

3 Common Weeds & How to Control Them

weedsIs your lawn plagued by common weeds? Fortunately, we can help! It’s true that a healthy lawn is the best weed deterrent there is. That’s why our weed control service is here to keep your lawn healthy, fight off those unwanted weeds, and ensure your lawn continues to look fantastic.

Check out three of the most common weeds and how to prevent them from spreading.


This frustrating weed is all too common in the South. It grows between cracks and in grass. If you don’t take care of crabgrass immediately, the weed will spread and become more difficult to eliminate. If you have crabgrass, a pre-emergent herbicide can kill this weed. However, if you’re planning to seed or re-seed your yard, you must wait at least two months after you’ve sprayed the herbicide.


Most everyone loved spotting dandelions as a child, plucking them from the ground, and making a wish while blowing the seeds away. However, these wish-makers are actually weeds. If you choose to pull them up, make sure you get their deep roots so they don’t grow back.

White Clover

When your soil is full of nutrients, that’s a good sign of a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, the white clover loves rich soil too. This weed has three lobed leaves with white flowers sprouting from the center. If you see them in your lawn, remove them as soon as possible. You can do this by raking them, then mowing.

If your lawn is overrun by common weeds and you don’t know what to do, contact Simply Green lawn care and we’ll send a specialist to your home!

Is Your Landscape a Feast for Insects?

You may not see the pests through the trees, but their damage can wreak havoc on your landscape. By the time insect infestations become apparent, the pests have already done significant damage to your property. Keep your landscape pest-free this summer with integrated pest management services from Simply Green Atlanta lawn care.

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Do you wish there were a green pest management solution in Atlanta? There is! Simply Green uses eco-friendly landscaping practices to keep your plants healthy and pest-free. How does integrated pest management work?

  • ladybug on leafWe examine your landscape and surrounding structures to identify which pests are present on your property
  • By identifying Georgia pests infesting your yard, we can strategize removal of insects that may damage your plants, landscape, home, or other structures
  • We manage your pest problem using green landscaping practices like habitat management, biological control (introducing new plants and beneficial insects that are the natural enemies of the pests present), introducing physical barriers, and utilizing non-toxic pesticides like TopChoice to eliminate insects in their nests
  • Our team integrates a long term pest control program to prevent infestations in the future

Because integrated pest management focuses primarily on prevention, it’s more effective than spraying chemicals. We use pesticides as a last resort, utilizing other methods to remove unwanted pests and make the landscape inhospitable to them so they won’t return. Our services minimize the risks to people, animals, and plants, giving homeowners natural pest removal that works.

Reclaim your landscape. Call Simply Green for eco-friendly pest control in Atlanta.

Don’t Get Stung By Fire Ant Infestations

The moment summer arrives, fire ants start multiplying like red dirt tracked onto the carpet. And unlike many seasonal pests, fire ants can pack a painful sting if you get too close. Protect your family and pets this summer with Atlanta fire ant control courtesy of Simply Green Lawn Care.

Why Get Professional Fire Ant Control?

fire ant closeupWhen you see red mounds popping up across your yard, it’s tempting to head to the hardware store and empty a can of pesticide onto the ant hill. But if you fight the urge, you can get much more effective fire ant control. Professional lawn services have access to products that aren’t readily available to homeowners. At Simply Green we use Top Choice because of its proven long-lasting results when it comes to controlling fire ant populations. What are the benefits of Top Choice fire ant control?

  • It’s safe. Unlike many pest control chemicals, Top Choice is selectively toxic, meaning that when applied correctly, it affects pests and nothing else.
  • It controls secondary pests. In addition to targeting fire ants, this product helps control mole cricket, nuisance ant, flea, and tick populations.
  • Apply it anytime. Fire ants are easier to eliminate in the fall, when cooler temperatures drive them towards the surface. But what about summer infestations? When we apply Top Choice during the spring and summer months, it’s stored in the soil until ants wander near the surface due to cool weather or rainfall.
  • It lasts. When you schedule fire ant control with Simply Green, we use Top Choice to kill existing colonies and control the formation of new ones for up to a year.

Call Simply Green to take the sting out of your summer fire ant problem.